The Illustrative Book of Cartilage Repair

by Deepak Goyal

The Illustrative Book of Cartilage Repair

The Illustrative Book of Cartilage Repair by Deepak Goyal is probably the largest collection of illustrations on cartilage repair, ever published in the world literature. It has approximately 778 images spread over 270 pages and has contributions by 42 authors from 11 countries.

The book starts with anatomy, histology of the healthy and the damaged cartilage; and then continues to discuss biomechanics and classifications of cartilage damage, followed by MRI diagnosis. Role of cells, scaffolds and subchondral bone in cartilage repair have been discussed in detail thru high quality illustrations. Nearly all the current treatment methods to perform cartilage repair have been described in detail along with high quality step by step illustrations. The techniques covered are marrow stimulation techniques, osteochondral cylinder transfer techniques, first, second and third generation autologous chondrocyte implantation techniques, Gel Based ACI, BMAC, CarGel, MaioRegen, Overlay ACI, Allografts and 3-D printing in cartilage repair. Chapters also discusses rehab guidelines, long term results of each technique and assessment of cartilage repair on MRI.

The book will be invaluable for all general orthopaedic and arthroscopic surgeons seeking a deeper knowledge of cartilage science and will help to dispel the confusion that still surrounds the reparative treatment. The authors are recognized experts in the fields of cartilage histology, assessment, classification, and repair.

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