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Large Cartilage Lesions and their Treatment using 'The Overlay ACI Technique' vs 'The Subchondral Bore Recon Technique'

SKC and our predecessor institute, SO, have been a pioneer institute in south Asia to treat cartilage lesion of the knee. We get small and mid-size lesions routinely, but occasionally we get huge, big cartilage lesions along with bone damage. Such large lesions are a challenge to treat even in western countries.

There is no established treatment to treat such big cartilage lesions and hence many techniques have been tried world over like allograft (transferring from another dead body), artificial material etc.

Dr Deepak Goyal developed ‘The Overlay ACI Technique’ in 2010 and our institute have been successful in treating such lesions with the technique. However due to poor availability of the ACI (Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation) and due to its high cost; sometimes we have to treat such cases with another technique called ‘The Subchondral Bone Reconstruction’.  We compared the results of both the techniques at five years.

Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association- APOA is one of the largest societies of Orthopaedic professionals in Asia-pacific region.  ‘APOS-Sports’ invited Dr (Prof) Deepak Goyal to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to present the comparative five years results and analysis using both the techniques. Dr Goyal introduced both the techniques to the delegates, showed a comparative analysis of five years and answered many questions that were asked from delegates of China, Singapore and Malaysia.

We are happy to share some of the pictures below thru our FB page. 

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