Master Class on Cartilage Repair

Season II



The Master Class on Cartilage Repair by Deepak Goyal is an exclusive event crafted personally by well renowned cartilage surgeon, Dr (Prof) Deepak Goyal.

Dr Goyal has a rich experience in cartilage repair for over 20 years. His unique style of differentiating pure chondral lesions from osteochondral lesions is very popular in Indian Subcontinent. He has popularised the concept that subchondral bone is like a soil for the cartilage plant. His book chapter, the healthy soil for the healthy cartilage is a very well read chapter.

Dr Goyal has published a book called 'The Illustrative Book of Cartilage Repair' which is probably the largest collection of cartilage repair images in the world.

The master class on cartilage repair is aimed in giving the practical tips from very basics to very advanced management of the cartilage lesion. The master class teaching starts with diagnosis and biomechanics of the lesion, then discusses about understanding of the ethology and planning treatment based on ethology correction, followed by strategising each step of the chosen technique and ends with rehabilitation planning.

Dr Goyal has choosen the theme for season II as; Focal Chondral Lesions- Surgical Options and Techniques.

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