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The Superficial Quad Technique

The Superficial Quad Technique for MPFL ReconstructionPatella (knee cap) dislocation is a big problem that usually affects at an adolescent age, though it can occur later also. Many techniques have been invented over the years but none has given a complete solution. Identification of medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) as an important stabilizer (controller) of the patella, changed the scenario. Later,  many techniques to do MPFL reconstruction were invented; however not without their own complications.

The invention of this surgical innovative technique, the superficial quad technique, took place at our institute between 2004 to 2005. The technique was invented by Dr Deepak Goyal and we were thrilled to get consistently good results over the years. Over the period, this technique proved to be more anatomically and biomechanically sound then its counterparts. All patients treated by this technique for patellar dislocation revealed remarkable results. Read more to know more!! 

The Overlay ACI Technique

Many young patients suffer from a unique disease called osteochondritis dissecans (OCD). This disease develops mainly at adolescent age and leads to an area of dead bone along with dead overlying cartilage. This dead area of bone and cartilage gradually separates from its base and becomes a loose body. In medical terms, this loose body is referred as osteochondral piece or simply OC fragment. In some cases, the OC fragment may be as small as size of a pea but in others cases the OC fragment can be as big as size of a big almond. Such huge separated piece causes big defect in the knee joint that should be reconstructed using resources outside patient’s knee. 

Dr Goyal invented a unique technique that deals with bony deficiency and cartilage deficiency as a single stage procedure. He uses a part of patient's own bone as a donor bone and uses cultured cartilage cells as implanted cartilage. The combined technique is called as 'The Overlay ACI Technique’. We are able to treat extra-large OC defects bigger than 10 cm2 in size with great accuracy and results. Young patient’s treated with this technique are able to resume their college and are actively participating in sports as well. 

The innovation of ‘The Overlay ACI Technique’ has been presented at many national and international level conferences including Asian Cartilage Repair Society, European Knee …….Society and many other institutes of USA.

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